Eco Club in Schools

 One of the major project of Children for Green New Nepal is the raising of environmental awareness and encouragement of personal development amongst school level students. The combination of these goals is essential in the eyes of CGNN as only active and proud members of society can help to create a more environmentally aware society. In accordance with these objectives CGNN has established various Eco-Clubs at different schools and orphanages. Volunteers and trainees visit the clubs on a weekly basis to hold both practical and theoretical classes and activities on environmental topics. At the status quo CGNN has four active Eco-Clubs, which are each unique in their projects and members.

AKN Eco Club

AKN Eco Club is a students club established by Children for Green New Nepal (CGNN) in January 2009 as a part of its project at Adarsha Kanya Niketan High School, Mangalbazar. AKN Eco Club is mini project of CGNN.

The main purpose of AKN Eco Club is to develop Adarsha Kanya Niketan High School as the most environmentally friendly school in the city, to educate students about environmental issues, to raise awareness amongst students and community, to empower Eco Club members and lend their hands in various social activities, and to develop the personal qualities of Eco Club members.

 The British School:

The Eco-Club at the British School in Sanepa is the newest of CGNN’s Eco-Clubs. It was established in January 2011 and runs as an afterschool activity for both Primary and Secondary Level. The Club will participate in the Schools efforts to become accredited as an environmentally friendly school through activities such as student lead gardening, awareness programmes and arts activities.


The Umbrella foundation is situated in the Swayambhu area. It is an orphanage at which CGNN holds an Eco-Club every Friday in the morning. The students are from the primary section of the orphanage. Activities include arts and crafts, trash clean ups in the immediate environment of the school and interactive games and theatre.


 The Excelsior School is also located near Swayambhu. At the school the trainees and volunteers work with the 6th and 7th grade for a double period every week. The students have participated in many short-term projects such as origami making, essay competitions and workshops. Soon the eco-club will launch a number of long term activities run and monitored by the students.

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